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The Internet is a phenomenon of our time and everyone who does something and does not have its own website, as if there was not. Web can be done differently from the total amateurism to the professional design and in various price ranges from free (but that's not true) to several tens of thousands of crowns. It is never guaranteed that the pages are good, whether free or for many thousands.

For all the man, author of the website. If we want through its web site to tell someone something, especially we know what we want to communicate what we write and present. This is a necessary foundation, but there is a wall in the form of graphic design website. This would be my opinion based on some graphic capabilities of emotion, basic typographic rules, the ability to evaluate and choose the right photography and the overall aesthetic impression.

Many providers now offer pre-built content management systems by creating websites like "Web site in five minutes". De-facto today can only average computer user to produce under this promotion your own site itself. I am not an exception. I am neither a programmer nor a professional designer or graphic artist. But there is a "but" about which I write in the preceding paragraph. That's true, we can convince the flood literally nevkusných sites that surround us everywhere. Perception of website visitors is very diverse, what they like someone, do not appeal to another. Generally, the site created on the basis of meaningful communication and graphics is acceptable for many people, engaging and interesting, without ever knowing why this is so.

Personally, I prefer to set up my website is relatively simple and a concise style, without unnecessary banners, commercials, a concise layout and navigation, soft colors and quiet overall impression from the site. I use ready-made templates created by professionals and their abilities and knowledge of them trying to get the maximum. Even the site I created myself, and how I succeeded, or failed to judge for themselves - and from the accompanying references.




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