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Processing of tenders for public procurement

To order any kind today, any private or public investor, or to sponsor, quotation requests from several candidates. Whether it is the supply of machinery, or winter stadium construction, modification, or local park, the investor always chooses between skilled and low-cost supplier and requires the submission of its offer.

An investor or sponsor may be private or public. Private sponsor, if not requested a subsidy from public funds, is not bound by any obligation to announce a tender for a contractor can enter their order anyone. Usually it is not a sponsor chooses its suppliers based on various criteria, of which the most important role of supply price and other criteria, in particular qualification, recede into the background, since most of its authority knows the potential suppliers. The contracting authority, which the Czech Republic, local governments, municipalities, or contributory organizations, this procedure is not possible. These entities are in the procurement obliged to do under the Act 137/2006 Coll. - Law on Public Procurement.

Medium and large companies have a team of professionals who routinely handle bids for contracts awarded under the above Act. Smaller supply companies, however, usually do not have enough experience or staff, in this very complex issue and managed to navigate through this often do not get the contract, which would be subject to the formal rules in the processing of tenders received some certainty.

My service in the processing of tenders before contracts are therefore directed to entities lacking sufficient potential to vědomostním for processing bids for public contracts. This service prevents a detailed analysis of the award of the Information system on public procurement or tender documentation and evaluation, recommendation, or participation or non participation in the competition in question.

During his many years of practice I have personally worked about 1,500 offers in different types of competitions and knew many of the pitfalls of these issues, which are sometimes quite unexpected. I also have experience in handling deals for foreign clients (Finland, Poland), and processing specifications for those managing the funds of the European Union.

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