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Bbudgeting buildings

During all stages of designing the process of capital construction budgets structures, which allow participants to capital construction plan for construction with respect to its financing. At various stages of construction are handled different types of financial calculations, eventually. budgets that serve different purposes and with different details. The price structure is always the cost agreement. Resulting from the quotations selected candidates investor, or from these negotiations on the price of construction contracts awarded. Methods and procedures associated with the determination of prices of construction works, buildings and structures is called budgeting. Budgeting does not have the most detailed calculations of consumption of materials, labor and machine work for individual works, but uses a priori vykalkulovaných prices. These are listed in the publicly published valuation bases as price benchmarks, or the worker is compiling budget offering in-house database obtained from the construction company. Another possibility is the individual price calculation works, which is calculated from its own costs. An important parameter for processing budgets is the level of detail design documentation, which is the basis for their level of processing.

In my calculation Processing services, preliminary budget, itemized budget, a summary of the construction budget, budget control and budget actual construction. Details of the content of individual budgets, click on the appropriate links.

To create all of the above budgets using proven software Kros Plus, the product of URS Praha.




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