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Photo exhibition


Three photographers Lower Lomná


Unusual exhibition in an unconventional environment and non-traditional hours - so could be called the exhibition "Three Photographers in Lower Lomná"


Gallery under the tower in Karviná


Joint exhibition with photographer Bohumín Iveta Mutinovou held on 28.2.2007 to 4.4.2007 in Karviná Gallery Under the Tower. The opening started my friend, blacksmith Thomas Szwanczar artistic, cultural performances by the vocal group care Bohumín Sun.


Third regional exhibition photo club


... held from 5 to 29 May 2009 at the House of Culture Janacek in the presence Havířov photo club in Ostrava, Havířov, Frydek - Mistek, Orlova, Jablunkov, Czech Cieszyn and Trinec. There were probably exposed to 250 photos and výbornáa long opening. Fotoreporáž Zbygniew Cmiela throughout the paper.


Nikon - Calendar 2010


On November 11, 2009 I was invited to the awarding ceremony of the "Nikon calendar 2010," when the photo has a professional jury selected the top 50 of nearly 3000 images. The exhibition was held at the headquarters of Nikon in Prague Copenhagen Street and its alternitava day was held on November 11, 2009 Civic just swimming in Prague. The atmosphere of the evening you a little closer to the gallery and video.