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My photographic equipment

First, I believe that good photography is little dependent on the equipment. When a photographer is "blind" and does not control the basic theory and practice photos, help him or top professional technology, creative photographer on the contrary, it can also relatively simple and inexpensive device while mastering techniques elicit beautiful pictures.

Equipment and its quality is directly dependent on how the future use of the resulting photographs. I hardly out of my first compact silhouette done technically, and size and quality photographs, as Pentakonu Six of 6x6 cm. Likewise, from cheap Digital S lens the size of pinky nail to not create a good blowup about half a meter long side of the image. Their equipment so I nepořizoval by fashion trends and the state of your wallet, but its needs.

Aside from the technique, which I have already sold or had in rent, and own (not saying that I use them all):

Praktica MTL 5
Nikon F401x
Nikon D70
Blesk Nikon SB 600
Panasonic Lumix DMC FX01
Filtry, stativ




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