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As I began

By accident.

The complete coincidence. Once, after the army, I joined my first job - then the projection NC Vítkovice building in Ostrava.

I probably worked well and was rewarded with a book. And the book was called New School photos. When I unwrapped it, I did not know that materially change my life ...

Reading this wonderful book, I penetrated to the secrets, still unknown to me and it was not long before I bought my first camera, a Russian silhouettes. It was in 1981. He stopped me soon enough and a year later I became the owner of the practice of MTL and fully equipped darkroom.

Photography to me is so interesting that I soon became a member of the photo club at the former House of Culture company ZDB Bohumin. Almost from the duties of, we had to shoot all the cultural events, artists and singers who were invited to Bohumín - but I do not mind. Such shooting live events has been quite difficult to master photographic craft, whether it was the movement of objects, or very complex lighting conditions. Even then I essentially hated flash and photos taken in natural light with the Kodak TrixPan 400, called the 800 ASA - it was a tip.

It did not take long again, and came first exhibition in a small exhibition hall of the cultural house. However, the turning point was the entry into the Union of Czech photographers, through whom I met many good photographers from the region and beyond. Participation in the open air exhibitions and perhaps taught me what a lot of camera owners, especially those of today's digital, does not - otherwise see and understand photography.

And then it all went alone ... even if sometimes too hard.

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