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Welcome to my website. Whether you are here by accident or intentionally, as well as introduce you to my professional experience, or hobbies, and I will here offer their services. If you are a designer or builder, you budget processes for documentation of any level - from the calculations by a mere study or documentation for land management to a very detailed implementation and billing according to the budget implementation documentation. In this area, I have thirty years experience in both design office and in the manufacture or preparation of contracts. I use proven software KROS Plus version 14 and with this program, I met many years ago already in version 4 for DOS, to version 7, I participated in the testing.

The budget, however, everything begins and almost all construction contracts, whether public or private, to compete today. The private investor can take the form of competition according to their wishes - the contracting authority must follow the law. The issue of procurement under the applicable law is very complex and therefore not everyone is able to navigate in it and needs help from a professional. My many years of experience in this area when I worked almost 1 500 bids in accordance with all laws that applied at a certain time, you may also be beneficial.

My big hobby is photographs that I have been since 1981 and I often took advantage of her and in my business builders for a variety of reference materials, catalogs and websites. Photographs of the works, however, can be grasped and artistically, and that reality gets totally different dimension, which outwardly appear a quality of construction work, which normally do not see and therefore he is not aware of it.

If you are the home of my presentation addressed however, you can contact me.

For translation into English software was used google translate. For any grammatical errors I'm sorry, the text has not undergone language correction.







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